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Locker Room Labs Sports Technology Spotlight: Christopher Schroder

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the Locker Room Labs Sports Technology Spotlight. In this series, we sit down with industry partners and experts to discuss the evolving world of sports tech including the incredible innovations being developed in the space. The next professional featured in this series is the Director of the Colorado Division of Gaming, Christopher Schroder. We sat down with Christopher to discuss his perspective on topics that are trending in sports betting, iGaming, and compliance within the industry.

You oversee many regulatory activities in the sports, betting, fantasy, and iGaming industry. How do you address the challenge of ensuring fair play and preventing cheating within these apps and platforms that operate in your state?

The Colorado Division of Gaming has taken a multi-faceted approach to do our best to ensure that there is fair play for all Colorado players. First, the Division of Gaming investigators utilize our internal audits and observations of the apps and platforms. Second, investigators work closely with different integrity monitors to ensure that we are aware of anything of concern. Third, any guest can file a complaint with the Division if they believe that there are any integrity concerns. Finally, investigators pay attention to concerns shared on social media. Whenever there is an item of concern identified, we have dedicated investigators to research the topic.

Can you explain any steps your division takes to address or incorporate responsible gambling measures in Colorado?

Responsible Gaming is very important to the Department of Revenue and the Division of Gaming which is why we recently created and hired a new Responsible Gaming Manager position for our Division. This individual will work with our gaming licensees and players to assist them. A key example, the Responsible Gaming Manager will work with operators to review and approve the responsible gaming plans that the operators submit to the Division, and they’ll work with players to provide them with appropriate information and resources related to problem gaming.

In September, the Division implemented its self-exclusion program. If a guest chooses to, they can self-exclude themselves from regulated gaming in Colorado for 1, 3, or 5 years. We then work directly with the Colorado licensees to ensure that appropriate steps are put in place to prevent these individuals from participating in regulated gaming in Colorado for the specified amount of time.

How do you navigate the challenges of ensuring responsible advertising practices for sports betting and fantasy app platforms in your state?

The Division of Gaming performs audits of the different platforms in Colorado to ensure that they meet the regulations, which includes appropriate advertising. It’s important to note that the Division appreciates that Colorado licensees have prioritized responsible gaming not only in Colorado but also outside of our state.

You have a vast amount of experience working in the iGaming industry. Are there any personal experiences or memories that sparked your interest in the sports, betting, fantasy, and iGaming industry?

I’ve always been fascinated by the gaming industry. Having spent most of my gaming career in the surveillance department, as you can imagine I’ve seen just about everything.

However, the teams that I’ve been a part of are what I have enjoyed the most about the industry. For example, opening a new casino is always a very stressful time and I’ve been a part of openings both as an operator and as a regulator. The teams must work together through tight timelines to have a successful opening. During these openings, the team must rely on, learn from, and support each other. After each successful opening, it was always so rewarding to have accomplished it together. 

From a leadership perspective, how do you foster a culture of integrity and continuous learning within the Division of Gaming for the State of Colorado?

When I previously worked in Colorado, I highly respected and appreciated the role of the Division of Gaming in regulating the gaming industry. It is truly an honor to be a member of this team, working alongside this group of dedicated gaming experts. My leadership perspective has always been that I am not successful if my team is not successful. I feel very strongly that it is vital to give our team the tools needed to accomplish their career goals. It’s important to give them the training, feedback, and opportunities that they need to grow, not only within our organization but wherever their path takes them.

About Christopher Schroder

Christopher Schroder is the Director of the Colorado Division of Gaming and brings over 20 years of gaming experience to the Division, including the opening of four casinos in multiple jurisdictions. In his current role, Schroder is responsible for managing and directing the activities of the Division including limited gaming, sports betting, and fantasy sports contests.

Most recently, Schroder was the Director of the Bureau of Casino Compliance for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board where he directed the activity of the bureau through planning, developing, coordinating, and monitoring the compliance of the Pennsylvania gaming industry with regulations and controls to ensure the integrity of gaming. 

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Table of Contents