Locker Room Labs

An Experienced Extension of Your Sports Technology Team

Deep Expertise
Fractional Chief Technology Officer
We offer C-level strategic advisory needs for non-technical founders to help build out your technology stack and give input on important decisions such as staffing or product development.
UX Workshop
We start each engagement with an immersive 4-6 week bootcamp where we bring your vision to life. Our team of UX specialists and senior engineers host a series of free-flowing discussions with you and your team, guiding the conversation from ideation to a high fidelity mobile-first figma design.
UX Workshop
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MVP Development

We verify your product concept by building and launching a fully-functioning, usable minimum viable product.This offering allows you to test your business concepts through a core set of features, rather than a full-blown, feature-rich product. We guarantee a minimum average of development hours per month over the lifespan of the project.

Custom App Development

We designed this service for fully-funded or more mature sports technology companies. Starting with our UX Workshop we’ll explore defining the functionality of your MVP, then evolve your concept into a full product launch with ongoing maintenance and support. Our goal is to build your app as an extension of your team and to support you after a successful launch.

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Technology Agnostic
Project Management
We can effectively communicate the project vision and goals of your management teams. We will relay that information to the engineers, manage the project queue, and keep in-house and outsourced teams on track and on time with product deliverables.
Staff Augmentation

We also can offer immediate, highly experienced resource(s) to augment your internal dev team. Having seasoned resources with years of sports app development experience is the best way to achieve your goals without having to hire and onboard additional staff.

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