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Sports App Trends for 2023: Including 20 Sports App Ideas

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Sports App Trends for 2023: Including 20 Sports App Ideas

With sports betting legal in more states than ever, it’s exploded in popularity with the consumer base. Over the last few years, this interest has spawned an evolution of what sports app technology can look like, and let’s be honest, sports betting trends from 2023 look a lot different from what was popular only a decade ago.

In part, this shift in what betting looks like has been facilitated by technological advances, which have already transformed the landscape. Here are just a few sports app trends we’ve noticed in 2023, plus 20 new ideas that we think the market is missing.

What the Future Holds for Sports Apps

In North America alone, the sports market was valued at a staggering $73.5 billion in 2019, and its projected to reach $83.1 billion by 2023. And this growth isn’t confined to North America; the global sports market was expected to reach an impressive $614.1 billion in 2022.

One of the key drivers of this growth is the increasing popularity of sports apps. The sports app market is on a trajectory to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.8 percent during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026.

What’s driving this growth? Sports app and betting trends in 2023 are fuelled by changing demographics, consumer habits, and technological advances. Here are just a few trends we’ve picked up on this year:

VR headset, blue pink light
Sports apps are becoming more immersive by the minute, helping users feel connected and like they are apart of the action.

Social Betting Apps

Social betting apps allow people to place bets against their friends, colleagues, or other users instead of a bookmaker. This could make the betting experience more personal and competitive, with less financial risk for the user. For the sports fan who isn’t usually a bettor, this could make the experience much more appealing.

Socially Responsible Gaming Apps

In efforts to make online sports betting safe for everyone, there is a new wave of apps that promotes responsible betting habits, similar to Sweeps. Its features help users track their betting behavior, set limits, and provide resources for problem gambling. Many major sportsbook and fantasy sports apps have integrated these same responsible gaming protocols into their platforms as a way to protect the users from themselves.

Live Betting and Micro-Betting 

Micro-betting features and live betting opportunities help bring in users who are not traditional betters. They allow users to make bets in real-time as the action unfolds, often on events that aren’t goal-oriented. These features offer dynamic odds that change based on what’s happening in the game.

eSports Betting

eSports is a rapidly growing industry with a hyper-dedicated fan base. More than 250 million people worldwide watch eSports, with eSports stars like Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, earning $300,000 per month from streaming their content and competitions.

With so much interest, it’s a growing niche for betting platforms. eSports apps appeal to users who may never watch a sports game but are super fans of different video games, like League of Legends, Dota 2, or CS:GO.

20 Ideas for Sport and Fantasy Sport Apps

  1. Live Match Streaming Mobile App: This kind of app would live stream sports events, allowing users to check their local time and date for live sports events. Plus, it also could provide schedules and details on what channel to tune into to watch a game.
  2. Betting Education App: This app could provide tutorials, tips, and strategies for new bettors. It could include a glossary of betting terms, explain different types of bets, and offer advice on analyzing odds and making informed decisions.
  3. Extreme Sports News App: This app would be designed specifically for keeping up with extreme sports-related news. It can also integrate a chat function or a forum where users can discuss events live as they happen.
  4. Team Analysis App: What about an app that could provide in-depth analysis of different sports teams, including player stats, team strategies, and historical performance? It could be a great tool for both fans and professional analysts.
  5. Match Analysis App: This app would provide detailed analysis of individual matches or games. It could include play-by-play breakdowns, tactical analysis, and player performance ratings.
  6. Betting Analysis App: This app could provide analysis and predictions for sportsbetting. It could use statistical analysis to provide betting tips, odds comparisons, and risk assessments.
  7. Match Live Score Mobile App: This app would conveniently provide live sports scores and statistics at users’ fingertips.
  8. AR/VR Sports Analysis App: This app could use augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) to provide immersive sports analysis. For example, it could allow users to visualize player movements in 3D or explore virtual representations of sports venues.
  9. AI-Powered Betting App: This app would use artificial intelligence to analyze vast data and provide betting recommendations. It could consider factors like team performance, player injuries, weather conditions, etc.
  10. Betting Portfolio Tracker: This app would allow users to track all their bets in one place, monitor their performance over time, and manage their betting budget. It could integrate into other sports apps.
  11. Betting with Cryptocurrency App: This app would allow users to place bets using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It could appeal to tech-savvy users and those who appreciate the anonymity and security of blockchain technology.
  12. College Sports Betting App: College sports, particularly football, and basketball, have a massive following in the United States. A betting app focused on NCAA games could attract a large user base.
  13. Martial Arts Betting App: An app dedicated to betting on martial arts events, such as UFC or boxing matches, could appeal to fans of these sports who may not engage with more traditional sports leagues.
  14. Winter Sports Betting App: This app could focus on winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and figure skating. It could offer bets on events like the Winter Olympics or the Ice Hockey World Championships.
  15. Motorsports Betting App: Motorsports like Formula 1, NASCAR, and MotoGP have dedicated fan bases. A betting app focused on these sports could offer bets on races, drivers, and constructors.
  16. Fantasy Sports Betting App: This app could allow users to bet on fantasy sports leagues. Users could create their own teams and bet on their performance throughout the season.
  17. Women’s Sports Betting App: Women’s sports are growing in popularity but are often underrepresented in betting apps. An app focused on women’s sports could fill this gap in the market.
  18. Crowdsourced Analysis App: This app could allow users to contribute their own analysis and predictions. It could include features for rating and ranking user contributions, creating a community of amateur analysts.
  19. Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting App: This type of app would allow users to place bets directly against each other, bypassing traditional bookmakers. Users could set their own odds and accept bets from others.
  20. Virtual Stadium Experience: Users could use VR to experience a live game as if they were in the stadium. They could choose their viewpoints, such as from the stands, the sideline, or even a player’s perspective on the field.

Sports Betting is Undergoing a Massive Transformation: Are You Missing Out?

Today, the sports app market is in the midst of a transformation driven by changing consumer habits, technological advancements, and the growing popularity of sports betting.

As we’ve seen, dozens of innovative trends are shaping this space, from peer-to-peer betting platforms to AR/VR to social betting.

These trends are enhancing the user experience and opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. As we move forward, it’s clear that the future of sports apps lies in leveraging these trends to create engaging, user-friendly, and value-driven platforms.

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