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The Power of Hybrid Engineering Teams in Sports Technology

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The decision to create software is accompanied by the important choice of who will undertake the task. Traditionally, the decision lies between developing in-house or outsourcing the development. If outsourcing for software engineering talent is the preferred choice, you then have another 3 options for US-based sports tech companies: onshore, nearshore, and offshore. Often the preferred choice is a hybrid software development team that combines outsourced onshore product leads with an outsourced nearshore development team. This collaboration delivers projects with the best of both worlds. It allows businesses to harness the advantages of quality onshore engineers with the affordability of nearshore resources. In this blog, we will discuss the strategic advantages of choosing the hybrid approach for sports technology companies.

Tapping into External Expertise

Whether you are a startup not quite ready to hire a full software engineering team in-house or an established tech team with additional development needs, outsourcing can provide flexibility and scalability for sports tech businesses. Leveraging a 3rd party app development firm can allow for a new set of eyes and ears on a project without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time engineers. With that being said, there is often a challenge when deciding who the right partner is based on their industry experience, physical location, time zone, and communication skills. In a perfect world, we could cherry-pick the best attributes from onshore, nearshore, and offshore talent to construct the perfect team but that is never as easy as it sounds.

Merging Onshore & Nearshore Teams

No one understands your business better than you do. From operational intricacies to the core values driving your business, your internal team possesses a wealth of knowledge. However, internal resources are not always available and the need to outsource might become required. If you are a US-based sports technology company, the ideal route is bringing in qualified US-based engineers who have experience within your vertical of sports tech. At the same time, you might feel that an all-U.S.-based team could be out of reach from a price standpoint. Leveraging a US-based product lead and combining that with more affordable nearshore engineering talent can often be the “one-two punch” you’ve been looking for. 

The Latin American Engineering Boom

The engineering landscape in Latin America is experiencing a significant boom, particularly in iGaming and sports tech development. As the legal framework surrounding these industries expands, a surge in talent has been seen. Latin America hosts a multitude of prestigious sports tech conferences, underscoring the region’s expertise in the field. What sets Latin American talent apart is not only their skill but also the inherent combination of quality and cost they offer. This affordability factor has positioned Latin America as a compelling destination for companies seeking high-quality engineering solutions without compromising their budget constraints. As Latin America continues to establish itself as a hub for technological innovation, the global industry is increasingly recognizing the role played by the region in shaping the future of software development.

Flexible Resource Allocation

Internal development often involves hiring or utilizing existing teams, which comes with its own set of drawbacks. Hiring new team members introduces uncertainty, and after project completion, excess resource capacity can become a challenge. In contrast, outsourcing projects results in the flexibility to retain the entire team for additional work, shrink it based on the current required capacity, or move on after project completion. A hybrid project team strikes a balance between the necessary skills and more affordable hourly costs without the full-time commitment. With this model, you get the full advantage of proper communication, onshore expertise, and relatability with the benefits of cheaper overall resources by utilizing nearshore talent for your project.

Continuous Support & Future Development

Developing software internally or externally has its challenges regarding ongoing support and future product enhancements. Technology teams often want onshore senior engineering talent building a product from the ground up but only need more junior resources to maintain those features after the product or features go live. However, a hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds. Hand-picked onshore software engineers will collaborate with the nearshore team to provide continuous communication and act as a bridge between internal knowledge and external expertise. This ensures that your system is never left unsupported, which reduces the risks associated with team turnover.

Build Your Dream Team

You’ve come to the point in which you don’t have the resources or budget to build out an engineering team in-house. With the nuances involved in iGaming and sports technology, fully outsourcing your development team will create many headaches that most startups can’t afford. The hybrid approach gives you the advantages of both quality and high-end service while staying within the budget constraints that most startups face. Let us help you meet your project deadlines with efficiency. To learn more, contact us here.

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Table of Contents