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Locker Room Labs Sports Technology Spotlight: Christopher Fair

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Welcome to the seventh edition of the Locker Room Labs Sports Technology Spotlight. In this series, we sit down with industry partners and experts to discuss the evolving world of sports tech including the incredible innovations being developed in the space. The next professional we interviewed is Christopher Fair, Manager of Business Development at LEARFIELD, a sports media, data, and technology services company. Christopher discusses his perspective on topics that are trending in sports technology, fan engagement, and more.

From a business perspective, what considerations are crucial when deciding whether to partner or collaborate with other companies in the sports technology industry?

I ask myself the following questions, Can this partnership better Duke Athletics and is this a smart partnership, from a revenue perspective? I then ask myself, will it add or detract from our daily operation? 

As someone in charge of business development, how do you balance innovation and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards?

Pushing the boundaries is crucial. No successful business venture happened because things were done 100% within the norm. Be daring to explore the boundaries of what a partnership can become. It’s key to communicate clearly and definitively with our client, Duke Athletics. Working within our boundaries is achieved when we work collaboratively with Duke Athletics. 

Can you discuss an instance where LEARFIELD’s products or other sports technology played a key role in enhancing the overall fan experience during a live sporting event?

Shoutout to Nick Lawson’s company, SQWAD. They helped us reach our audience in a new, unique, and engaging way. Digital games are critical for enhancing fan experience, while also capturing fan data for sponsor activation purposes. The games included were trivia, scratch-and-win, picture scramble, and more.

Duke Athletics | Blue Devil Sports Properties | LEARFIELD
Christopher Fair, Manager of Business Development at Blue Devil Sports Properties | LEARFIELD

How do you see the rise of fan-controlled experiences, such as voting on in-game decisions, shaping the future of sports technology?

Back to the question above, it’s critical to our business. So many clients want fan data, so how do we do it in fun and engaging ways? Signage can only do so much, so exploring in-game fan interactions is key. 

Can you share your perspective on the current trends and innovations in sports technology that you find most exciting?

I think anything digitally focused excites me. The fact that my line of business has gone from only radio, to now superimposed signage elements on a field of play is amazing. AI is a hot topic that I am interested in following. There have to be numerous benefits for salespeople when using AI. It’s very intriguing. 

How do you see the intersection of sports technology and fan engagement evolving in the coming years?

Finding ways to capture fan info, leads us to increase fan engagement efforts. I think game days will see lots of change related to sports tech integration. Whether it’s touchscreen interfaces for ordering, entertainment, or experiential while watching sporting events, a lot is coming down the road. 


LEARFIELD is a leading media, data, and technology services company with an unparalleled footprint in college sports and live events. They offer our partner institutions, brand sponsors, and fans unmatched access to premier media and content, as well as data-driven solutions across their digital and technology platforms, brand management and marketing programs, multimedia rights strategies, NIL expertise, and ticketing/fundraising services. 

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Table of Contents